An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Green Grin Inventory

Lately I've had some requests from folks who've been interested in obtaining some Green Grin wares. I've been so busy crafting and selling at shows that I haven't been able to keep my Etsy shop stocked. This post is to show the Green Grin items I currently have in stock. For those of you who live locally and may be able to attend upcoming holiday shows, think of this as a sneak preview! As always, new items are constantly flowing out of the studio, so I will be updating this posting as I make stuff. This creature started out as a pile of fluffy wool. I spun the yarn, crocheted then felted the body, sewed it all together & stuffed it and added the features.El Torrero Man, the last of my Heads series. Soft sculpture.
Buddy Bear, made from a cashmere sweater.
Another spun, crocheted, felted critter. This one's about the size of a cat.
Fancy Bunny. The moveable legs and arms are attached with buttons.
Another Fancy Bunny. This one's from cashmere.
Hot Water Bottle Cozies.
The Queen who started it all!
Buddha Bunnies
Hot Pot Handle Holders
Pocket Buns (I swear they breed when I'm away from the studio!)
Mitts for Musing fingerless gloves.
Big Bear, spun, crocheted, felted.
Patchwork Hand Bag
Silly Rainbow Guy
Pert Rainbow Gal
Nestie Head
Eyeglass Case
Mr. Stripey
Wobbly Woman
Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi, Beth. You make lots of cool stuff. I love that you spin and dye your own wool. I'd love to try that some day.

    Stephanie (from Oregon House)

  2. Happy Holidays!

    Just wanted to let you know the girls loved their creatures. They have dubbed them the SnuggleBugs. How's that for cute??

    Hope your Christmas was peaceful and sweet. See you soon!


  3. The output is staggering. How much of that did you sell over the holidays?


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