An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Home of Their Own

I found this nifty wooden play house at the thrift store. I was too lazy to take a "before" photo; it was pink and purple and covered with Tinkerbell stickers..slightly ghastly~! But it's a sturdy, well-made structure, so I re-habbed it to use as a display for my Plush. The walls are covered with indigo-dyed wool, and the floors with repurposed wool sweater fabric.

 I added some nice detail of embroidery, but made myself keep it subtle, as I don't want it to detract from my Plush!

I've been having fun doing photo shoots with it, and it's been working out well in my display.

Now I just need to sew some more creatures to inhabit it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 Have I ever mentioned that Fall is my favorite time of the year? The light is so exquisite, there are so many colors and smells and yummy tastes from the garden.
 Since I'm such a project-minded person, along with all that wonderfulness is a to-do list that keeps growing longer the more I cross stuff off of it! It's just that I have a never-ending train of ideas of neat stuff to make & do. So amidst all of the food processing and Green Grin production work, I've been taking advantage of the last bits of dry/warm weather to squeeze in some interesting projects. Here's an experiment of some cloth bundles soaking in a tanin/iron sludgy dye bath.

I took advantage of a sunny day out on the deck and silkscreened some patches for fun and to make into herbal sachets. 

It's been awhile since I've been able to make some larger Plush pieces, and I just finished up this special order of Mama Chippy & Baby.
Cuteness does me good.