An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.


My name is Beth Grim, and I am a textile artisan living in the rain-forested hills of NW Oregon. I have always enjoyed using reclaimed cloth in my work, and have a studio crammed with shelves of unique textiles gleaned from thrift-stores and other re-use sources.

I began selling my one-of-a-kind clothing under the Green Grin label in the early 1990's. My most popular items are still the appliqued fingerless Mitts for Musing.

Recent explorations have lead me eagerly into the sculptural world of Plush. I've been sewing up everything from abstract soft-sculpture, to "cute", to "weird". I love the challenge of getting an idea, creating a drawing, and transforming it into a 3-d object. My current line of Plush consists of small interactive softies (WeeKinnies, PocketSprites, GrinKins); mid-priced "cuties", monsters, and animals; and large, fancy Art Plush creations for the collector.

Since moving out into the country four years ago, I've embarked on the slow study of natural dyeing. I say "slow", because extracting color from plants and applying it to fabric is, indeed, a slow process. I prefer to grow my own plant material or harvest it from the wild. The dye extraction process requires days or weeks of soaking, simmering, and more soaking, as does the application of the pigment to the fiber. I find that the results are well worth the process, and musing on the rich color palette available from natural sources has added a new dimension to my walks in the woods.


  1. I love your work and the delightful nature of you. Your plush creatures open my heart and bring a smile to my lips. Oh, and I love my gloves.


  2. Is wonderful find people so creative, like you, you work is so beatiful, i love it!!


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