An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turning Heads

I've been following my creative muse lately, creating this series of goofy Plush Heads. I love being able to flow from one idea to another, exploring the medium of 3-d sewing and stuffing. Originally, I'd wanted to make some soft masks to hang on our walls at home. For some reason, instead of a flattish mask, I ended up making this stuffed head. I used a simple inset pocket-making technique to install a recessed mouth. I amused myself by making a tiny version of the big DiscusHead, which could live in DiscusHead's mouth. Then I had the idea for this sun-eating-moon, or Revenge of the Eclipse Head. El Torroman was inspired by Venezuelan dance masks, and was technically the most challenging Head so far. I learned that large inset mouths can cause the whole structure to sag and be unstable. I kept stitching and adding things on, making the best of what I'd started. With NestieHead, I put the fur-lined insert in the top if the head, to make a little nest for a baby creature. Then I had the funny idea to add little floppy legs onto the heads, and made this family of GrinKins. Some earlier explorations:
Buddha Bunnies
Tactile Whatsit
The most thrilling thing about making these Heads is that they use up scraps!! So many more ideas to birth...


  1. Wow, they're amazing. I've never seen anything like them - and I mean that as a compliment! :) So unique and creative. Love 'em!

  2. Aww, Nestie head and Discus head and her/his mouth dwelling mini me have me cracking up! The places the creative minds of an artist go never cease to amaze me. Grin, Grin :)


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