An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

An attempt to document my creative pursuits and spew inspiration into the universe.

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Like it!

Oh, I'm so happy! Yesterday I got a bug telling me that I absolutely needed a new hat. Now, I've made 100's or more hats over the years, perpetually in search of getting just the RIGHT hat for my head. Gosh darn it, but I'm still searching! (at least they look cute on other folks!). This time, I wanted a hat that would keep my head and ears warm in the house on nippy days or when I'm feeling under the weather, and that I could wear to the store (in my conservative town) and NOT stand out (i.e., "blend", which I can never seem to do, no matter what).So anyways, I decided that my new hat had to be knit. I dug through the ever-lovin' stash to find some nice, soft, odds-n-ends of luxury alpaca/silk yarns. (those yarns, by the way, were left over from a very special hat I knit for Rick a couple of years ago. He wore it daily, and eventually it disappeared. Months went by, the hat still missing, Rick wondering where it could have gotten to. One day, he was digging in a flower bed, and discovered what appeared to be an ancient artifact. It was, in fact, the special hat! Apparently what hat happened, is that it had fallen to the ground one evening when he got out of the truck. Sissy, the wonder dog, did as she is wont to do with very special items; fetched and buried it in a safe spot. Good ol' Sis! In the meantime, I'd made Rick another special hat, and now I get to use up the leftovers for a special hat of my own.) But I digress. Back to knitting: Luxury yarn, simple pattern. It took what seemed forever to find the correct needles for the gauge. (grumble grumble...I could have sewn 3 recycled sweater-hats by now!)But once I finally got knitting, it went fast and I was done by evening. I used two strands of yarn held together, which gives a nice, tweedy effect. The hat was knit flat and seamed up the back. The bottom edge is st. stitch, for the rolled effect. The body of the hat is in moss stitch, with a few stripes in st. stitch for texture variation. I love the way the moss stitch looks, and how it adds a nice shape to the hat. Which fits perfect, doesn't itch, and I won't feel like a stand-out when I'm in a blend-in mood. I've been wearing it constantly since I cast-off! Yay!

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  1. This is beautiful Beth. I love the effect the 2 yarns together made. And great story about the hat :)


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